14 tips on eating your way to wellness

  1.  Break your fast(breakfast)- increase metabolism; non-acid producing, low-sugar/glycemic fruits and green/fruit juices; or light, alkalizing foods only.

2.  Grazing-eating 5-6 smaller meals per day vs. 3 large meals (a portion is the size of your fist, not what you can get on your plate).

3. Avoid excessive alcohol, coffee, soda, dairy, SFA, and processed foods.

4. Eat organic food whenever possible and avoid genetically modified foods where possible (reduces pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics)

5. Focus on eating fresh vegetables, lean meats and fruits. Try following a gluten free and a low glycemic index diet as much as you can to keep you bowel healthy and keep your blood sugar stable.

 6. Avoid eating dead foods, or foods that are processed, refined, frozen, or canned (try reducing  anything man made passing your lips).

7. Reduce red meats, especially overcooked meat (carcinogenic)

  8. Avoid eating when you are stressed, depressed, ill, extremely tired or emotional, or when you are not truly hungry, as this inhibits digestion and creates fermentation..

9. Drink lots of good water to keep you body hydrated. 

10. Do not drink to much  liquids – not even water – with your meals and separate your meals from any liquid intake by at least ten minutes – doing so will dilute your digestive enzymes and affect proper digestion. 

11. Properly combing your foods for maximum nourishment and energy.  Consider using the Metabolic Typing ™ approach.

12. Eat slowly and chew all foods completely

13. Avoid eating condensed foods especially animal products, immediately before bed.

14.Take Vitamins to supplement your diet for optimal function when necessary.


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